Climate Moderating: Fogged In Ski

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Designed for all climates and conditions, these over-the-calf height socks were built to be an essential part of your back country kit. Knit with our technically enhanced Arrowool™ these socks offer superior climate moderation, wicking sweat and promoting evaporation on the move and providing excellent insulation sitting still. Over ankle and 360 degree arch support.

ENHANCED CLIMATE MODERATION: Designed to keep you cooler on the move, wicking moisture and allowing it to evaporate quickly, ensuring proper insulation & warmth when sitting still.

OVER ANKLE & 360 ARCH SUPPORT: For enhanced circulation and support

HIGH DENSITY KNIT & TARGETED REINFORCEMENTS: Make this an ultra durable companion for cold climates and heavy terrain.

HIGH PERFORMANCE FIT: No slipping, no bunching no blisters.

ORGANIC & TECHNICAL: From toe to tip, this sock is woven with Arrowool™ our most advanced knit offering light-cushion terry to optimize breathability





-Machine wash gentle cycle

-Tumble dry low or no heat


Climate Moderating: Fogged In Ski
Climate Moderating: Fogged In Ski
Climate Moderating: Fogged In Ski
Climate Moderating: Fogged In Ski
Climate Moderating: Fogged In Ski


Completely covers calf. Ideal for insulation & layering. Won't slip or bunch.


Targeted cushion. Full body Arrowool™. Ideal for cold climates.

  • THIN


Arrowool™ technically enhanced Merino Wool. Softer, stronger and wicks moisture faster than wool alone. Enhanced climate moderation.


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