Collection: FX Dive

The WORN Frictionless™ surf & dive was designed as the ultimate wetsuit accessory. Slip effortlessly in or out of any wetsuit or boot and add targeted insulation where you want it most. Four way flex with no chafe or bunch. Choose the product & features that best fit your needs.

Frictionless Wetsox:

Frictionless™ WETSOX eliminate the difficulty of getting in and out of a suit and boots. Simply slip on your socks, and slide on your suit and boots and get out there. Product is designed to be worn while in the water, so removing your gear is now also easier than ever.

Frictionless Thermals: 1.5MM

WORN Frictionless™ Thermals are an enhanced version of our Frictionless™ wetsuit socks allowing you to slip in & out of a wetsuit or boots effortlessly while adding 1.5MM targeted neoprene insulation where you want it most. No need to size up boots. Channel-Lined interior for increased warmth and comfort. Available in Split or Round Toe.

Round Toe / S - Round Toe Frictionless Thermals: 1.5MM -

Round Toe

Split Toe / S - Split Toe Frictionless Thermals: 1.5MM -

Split Toe


Gridded Poly Fin Socks: 1.5MM

Whether you’re freediving, bodyboarding, snorkeling or just strolling along in the warm sand, this fully-reinforced and fully-insulated fin sock is the ideal watersports accessory. Channel-lined for improved comfort and warmth.