Collection: Baselayers & Accessories

WORN Frictionless™ & ultra-flexible baselayers prevent chafe and won't bunch beneath your suit. 1.5MM neoprene core adds insulation where you'll want it most.Frictionless™ glove liners pair with any wetsuit or drysuit glove. Laminated Fin Socks for the flipper minded.

Suit Skins Flex Bottoms: 1.5MM

An ultra-flexible baselayer designed to be worn beneath wetsuits or shorts. 1.5MM Neoprene core and channel-lined interior offer insulation and protection where you want it the most. Frictionless exterior won’t bunch beneath suit.

Gridded Poly Fin Socks: 1.5MM

Whether you’re freediving, bodyboarding, snorkeling or just strolling along in the warm sand, this fully-reinforced and fully-insulated fin sock is the ideal watersports accessory. Channel-lined for improved comfort and warmth.

Frictionless Gloves:

Frictionless™ Glove liners eliminate the difficulty of getting in and out of a wetsuit and wetsuit exterior gloves. Simply slip on your gloves and slide on your wetsuit or accessories. Product is designed to be worn while in the water so removing your gear is now easier than ever.