Meet our Worn Ambassador: Cat Toy

Meet our Worn Ambassador: Cat Toy

We are excited to introduce one of our awesome brand ambassadors -

Cat Toy is a Colorado badass who gets outside for all sorts of adventures and puts our socks to good use. As a nurse, she works hard and is often on her feet so she understands the need for comfort. When she's not at the hospital she can be found riding her YZ250F dirt bike in the mountains (she's a former motocross racer), hiking Colorado's 14ers, downhill and backcountry skiing, and she's also a volunteer ski patroller at Loveland Ski Area.

Cat now directs some of her enthusiasm, which she has a lot of, into fly fishing. We sat down to chat with her about her newfound love:

How long have you been into fishing and what got you into it?

I started off brand new into fly fishing 2 years ago.  I had a friend who simply wanted a fishing buddy on the rivers, who just handed me a fly rod.  Ultimately, I was learning it on my own.  I believe forcing myself on some solo trips on the river required me to grasp fly fishing in great leaps and bounds.  I became quite successful at it from the start, I yearned to continue to become even more successful on the river. Although I only started about 2 years ago, since I am an RN with an amazing work schedule that usually gives me 3-4 days off a week, I have fished well over 350 days.

I began fly tying last October with tremendous success in catching marvelous large trout on my own flies.  Now, I tie flies nearly every evening after a nursing shift.  I am always excited about preparing for the next fly fishing trip!

Where's your favorite spot to fish and why? (no need to give away too many details if it's a secret spot)

Some of my most favorite fishing areas are often far from home, but the most scenic parts of Colorado.  I realized I have not even come close to reaching to the many rivers here in Colorado.  I often will fish the Yampa River in and near Steamboat Springs.  There is a great diversity of trout species in the Yampa River as well as mountain scenery that I am drawn to the area.

fish in net

Do you have a destination where you dream of getting to fish someday?

There are still many rivers I have on a bucket list here in Colorado including San Juan, Animas, and Rio Grande Rivers.  Further and beyond, I dream of fly fishing the Yellowstone River, the Madison River, and the Bighorn River to mention a few.  Ultimately, I would hope to retire living in the mountains and be close to a beloved river I can fish every day.

What's your preferred method / equipment of choice?

The dry fly is my addiction of choice when it comes to catching trout.  There is a really cool nostalgia and precision with catching fish on a dry fly.  I usually carry two rigs to keep up with the hatches as well as changing up the fish menu.  I've become fond of my Orvis Recon for nymphing and the Helios 3F for dry fly fishing.  I try to make time to keep tying new fly patterns.  The enticement and the pleasure to catch fish on my own flies keeps me busy regularly refilling my fly boxes.

What's the one piece of gear in your kit you can't do without?

I usually fish with small size flies, and I absolutely have to have readers to be able to rig up.  I have had reader glasses break at the river.  Always good to have a couple for back up in the car.  Otherwise, I am fairly systematically well prepared with gear while out on the river.


What Worn products do you use and what do you like about them? 

You will always find WORN socks on my feet.  This winter was bone-chilling cold with fly fishing at my favorite tail water.  Having cold feet for me is like circling the drain.  With the 3.0mm Frictionless Wader Socks, I was able to tolerate winter's presence and wade in for the big trout.

I absolutely value and cannot leave my house without my Climate Moderating Snow Socks. While these socks are designed for snow, they are the perfect, ideal sock for wading particularly in the cooler late winter and early spring days.  I've hiked to my favorite tail water in my waders with these socks with no issues of blisters, sweat, or bunching.  The right amount of comfort, warmth, and dryness that make the happiest of feet for a long day on the river.

As the days have been warming up this spring, the Climate Moderating Hunt and Heavy Terrain Socks deliver warmth, dry, and comfort as well.  A good transition sock, it has been fantastic for spring fly fishing.

Tell us about the best catch you've made:

I have been very fortunate with many, many best catches around Colorado.  I can remember one in particular while fishing the Taylor River at the C&R, I was the 2nd person to arrive.  It was a cold morning last May.  I knew with the bend and feel of my rod, this was going to be fantastic trout.  This rainbow trout was so enormous and hefty for me, I struggled to bring in the fish with the rod up.  I managed to begin getting the fish to the net, only to have it flop out due to the fact my net was too small. 

the winning catchAfter two unsuccessful attempts netting the fish, my arms becoming incredibly fatigued.  I had to drop my rod in the water and strip the fish in.  Both the fish and I were so exhausted, I was finally able to scoop the fish.  I was so excited to net this winning fish...I absolutely had to have a picture before my release!  Luckily, the other angler wasn't far and on the same side of the river.  Picture of a lifetime for me! 

Learn more about Cat and her tips, teachings, and musings about fishing at her blog: Fly Fishing With Cat Toy