Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Arrowool™?

Arrowool™ is the most advanced wool fabric on the market today. Created by WORN, it represents the next stage in the evolution of Merino wool footwear. Arrowool™ socks combine Merino’s lightweight and insulating properties with technical enhancements in the production process to keep them soft, durable, and great at wicking moisture.  

What are the benefits of wool socks?

Wool socks have many benefits, ranging from personal comfort to environmental sustainability. WORN’s Arrowool socks also offer feature-specific design, depending on what activities (and, yes, lounging on the couch is an activity), you’ll be using them for. Read our blog post about wool myths for more information.

Are wool socks good for summer?

Yes. Wool socks are perfect all year round, including the hottest summer days! Wool’s moisture-wicking and temperature moderating properties help you feel cool and dry in the summer heat. The idea that wool is only good for cold weather, uncomfortable, or itchy, is just a myth. WORN’s socks will beat cotton socks every day of the week and every month of the year.

Are wool socks moisture wicking?

Yes. Wool socks are naturally moisture wicking (it helps sheep stay dry) and also have antibacterial properties.

Do all WORN socks have a warranty?

Yes, we offer a one year Absolute Warranty on all of our products. See more on our warranty page.

What are the washing instructions for wool socks?

You can find care instructions on each product page in the product description section. Generally speaking, wool socks should be washed in cool water and air dried or tumble dried with low heat.