Harsh words, we know. But occasionally the truth hurts and in this case, can kill.

We say this for two reasons:


First is the Cotton fabric’s tendency to absorb water in the form of sweat. When this absorption occurs in a primary layer of clothing (sock, base layer, brief, tee) cotton can no longer insulate and as the wearer’s body or air temp cools, the moisture now trapped in the fabric will also cool, dropping body temperature. Hence the old hiking adage ‘’Cotton Kills’’. 


Cotton is not a sustainable fiber. To produce one raw kilo of Cotton, which produces about 10 pairs of socks, requires more than 20,000 liters of water. Cotton growing areas are known for destroying natural habitats and resources in an attempt to gain this quantity of water. 

Additionally, the crop utilizes more than 16% of all the world's pesticides while producing less than 3% of the net farming output. This dramatic disparity highlights why the crop is a top wastewater producer.