Collection: Enhanced Everyday

The WORN Enhanced Everyday line focuses on offering comfort, support & features across occasions. Whether your looking for impact reduction for long days, a better boot sock or something particularly soft during your downtime, this line has you covered.  See below and pick the features right for you. 

Everyday Enhanced: Crew

Designed to provide the perfect balance of dryness, comfort & support, the WORN Everyday Enhanced sock will help melt away long hours on your feet. Knit with our performance enhanced Merino, Arrowool™ this pair will keep you feeling comfy & dry all day and light on your feet through the ‘extra’ hours.

comfort, support and ultra versatile

Single / Rust Bucket / XS - Single Everyday Enhanced: Crew -

Rust Bucket

Single / Green Bean / XS - Single Everyday Enhanced: Crew -

Green Bean

Single / Blue Steel / XS - Single Everyday Enhanced: Crew -

Blue Steel

Single / Oreo / XS - Single Everyday Enhanced: Crew -



Enhanced Boot:

The full-cushion companion to your favorite casual boots. Boot height, targeted cushion, cross knit ultra-breathable upper and stabilizing arch support. Don’t let all the tech fool you- these are made for comfort across climates. Pair with leather boots, Chelsea boots, Knee-high and motorcycle style.

Pairs with casual & leather boots

Single / Red Stripe / XS - Single Enhanced Boot: -

Red Stripe

Single / Static / XS - Single Enhanced Boot: -



Ultra Soft Sundays:

If this isn’t the snuggliest sock you’ve ever worn, we’ll buy you a cookie. Knit from WORN’s ultra-soft Modal Merino, Sundays offer a unique level of softness, support and style. Cozier than a cabin with a wood fire in winter this pair will have you wiggling your toes. Pair with slippers, sofas, downtime or brunch.

The softest socks you'll ever know

Single / Black And Tan / XS - Single Ultra Soft Sundays: -

Black And Tan

Single / Black And Blue / XS - Single Ultra Soft Sundays: -

Black And Blue