The Best Gifts For The Awesome Outdoor Dad

The Best Gifts For The Awesome Outdoor Dad

There’s a good chance your dad helped spark your initial love on the outdoors – maybe he took you hiking or taught you how to build a good campfire. He showed you how to put a worm on the hook and reel in a catch you were both extremely proud of (even if it was just a small fish) and taught you how to cast a line. He deserves a Father’s Day gift that shows your appreciation. Of course, socks are a tried and true classic present that any dad can use - pair our outdoorsman tested socks with some of this awesome gear for the ultimate present:




America The Beautiful National Parks Pass

Experiences last a lifetime - Purchase a National Parks Pass and take your Dad on an adventure that you’ll both remember. This pass gets you into every National Park & Monument, as well as National Forests, Grasslands, and plenty of other recreation sites across the country for an entire year.


Everyday Enhanced Socks

Everyday Enhanced

The Arrowool™ Everyday Enhanced sock was designed to be the ultimate everyday sock. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or just hanging in the backyard, this work horse provides the comfort & support you’ll need to ease the impact of long days on your feet. Knit from our technically enhanced Arrowool™ for improved comfort, dryness and durability.. 




The Complete Guide to Hunting, Butchering, and Cooking Wild Game

A comprehensive big-game hunting guide, perfect for hunters ranging from first-time novices to seasoned experts, with more than 400 full-color photographs, including work by renowned outdoor photographer John Hafner


Hunt & Heavy Terrain sock

Hunt & Heavy Terrain: Woodsy

Built for adventures in the backcountry, these over-the-calf height, full-cushion socks were designed to be paired with your best pair of boots. Knit from our technically enhanced Arrowool™ these socks offer superior climate moderation, wicking & evaporation while you're on the move and providing enhanced insulation when sitting still. 



L.L.Bean Brodin Phantom Gallatin Fishing Net

This is an absolute classic, and if your fishing-enthusiast dad doesn’t already have one he will certainly love the upgrade. Each net is handmade and shows its craftsmanship. 


Frictionless Wader Socks

Frictionless Wader: 1.5MM Bark

Our original Frictionless™ hunt & fish product, the enhanced 1.5mm Wader offers a Frictionless™ exterior that allows you to slip effortlessly in & out of any boot or wader. Designed with a 1.5MM neoprene core to offer insulation wet, dry and fully submerged conditions. Channel-lined interior for increased comfort & warmth






Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo

Use Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo on booties, gloves, fishing waders, LYCRA® body wear, and of course, wetsuits and drysuits. The Revivex Wetsuit and Drysuit Shampoo works fast to remove organic residues like algae and bacteria, plus chlorine and salt deposits—so your neoprene gear smells fresher, stays supple and lasts much longer.


Thermal Dive Socks - Frictionless

Frictionless Thermals: 1.5MM

WORN Frictionless™ Wetsuit socks slip effortlessly in or out of any wetsuit or boot. Thermal product offers 1.5MM neoprene insulation and channel-lined interior. Available in Split or Round Toe Styles.







Sea to Summit Set of 3 Dry Bags

Because you can never have too many dry bags! Easy to fit into little corners of a kayak and light enough to take backpacking, this set of 3 durable Sea to Summit lightweight dry sacks can be squashed into tight spots heavy dry bags won't go.


Waterproof and Breathable: High Water

Typically, waterproof products lack breathability which can trap a layer of sweat next to your skin leaving behind a damp, uncomfortable feeling . Thanks to our proprietary, semipermeable core, our waterproof & breathable products will stop 100% of external moisture while simultaneously allowing air to travel freely, promoting evaporation and dryness from the inside out. The result? All the comfort of a casual sock & 100% waterproof protection.







Leatherman Squirt Ps4 Multitool

A Leatherman is the ultimate belt-clip tool, whatever the moment calls for, it’s got everything your MacGyver fix anything dad could possibly need. Chances are even if he already has one, he could use another.


Enhanced Work Boot

Your daily sledge- built for heavy wear. Full cushion climate moderating Arrowool™ interior and high density knit reinforced exterior. Targeted breathable mesh for superior dryness.