The Style Guide: "WORN Brand Is Making Some of the Best Men’s Socks to Wear With Your Favorite Boots"

The Style Guide:

Our new friends at The Style Guide tried our socks recently said they are some of the best men’s socks to wear with your favorite boots. They mentioned features such as comfort, performance and style. Here’s a bit more of what they had to say:

"WORN Enhanced Boot Socks feature a height that specifically works with lace-up boots and Chelsea boots of all sorts. That’s helpful if ever you’ve found yourself wearing socks that don’t quite have enough length or coverage. WORN also uses its own Arrowool fabric, an organic merino material that’s ultra-soft and cushioned, yet nicely breathable and durable. I’ve also found that the WORN Enhanced Boot Socks deliver plenty of arch support, and the fit is snug without being too tight (no need to worry about your favorite boot socks sliding down or moving around all day long)."

Thanks, The Style Guide!