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Built for work. Feels like home.

Work Boot:


comfort, support and ultra versatile

Everyday Enhanced:


All Climates. All conditions.

T3 Snowboard: Black Sky


form fit, no blister, 1K mile miracle

T3 Hike: Mountain Child


Over-the-calf & Light compression

T3 Rugby: Miss Match


Our ultra-light, ultra-wicking runner

T3 Ankle: Sparrow


A new star in the T3 (Technical Trail & Train) Family, the T3 Ankle is the hardest working running sock you’ll ever meet. Form fit for zero bunch. Extended arch support for extended activity.

A comfortable climate in all conditions

Winter Work Boot: Calf Height


The softest socks you'll ever know

Ultra Soft Sundays:


Pairs with casual & leather boots

Enhanced Boot: