Waterproof & Breathable:
Hell or High

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The problem with typical ‘waterproof’ products is they don’t breathe properly- in turn, trapping moisture next to your skin. Thanks to our ‘Explore More Core’ our waterproof & breathable line is able to block 100% of external moisture while allowing air to travel freely promoting rapid evaporation and dryness. The result?All the comfort of casual  sock, with 100% waterproof protection.


WATERPROOF & BREATHABLE: Unlike typical waterproof products, our proprietary core promotes internal airflow while blocking 100% of external moisture. This design allows feet to breathe properly, keeping your feet comfortable and dry all day long.

ARROWOOL™ INTERIOR: Finally, lasting comfort in waterproof products. Our Arrowool™ lined interior feels soft and comfortable on your skin while working hard to wick and evaporate moisture while supporting the waterproof core.

HIGH PERFORMANCE FIT: No slipping, no bunching no blisters.




-Hand wash gentle detergent

-Hang dry inside-out



Waterproof & Breathable:</br>Hell or High Water
Waterproof & Breathable:</br>Hell or High Water
Waterproof & Breathable:</br>Hell or High Water


Runs appx 1-2 inches taller than your average work boot for increased comfort in heavy conditions.


Rapid wicking. Breathable. All Climate.

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100% Waterproof. 100% Breathable. Arrowool™ lined interior.


If you're not satisfied with the performance of your product we'll repair or replace for one full year.